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One for the Road – Official Video

February 2016

The lead single in Europe and the USA from Massive’s second album ‘Destination Somewhere’.

One By One – Official Video

September 2012

Recorded on a budget of $1.27, the ‘One By One’ video was shot in a day and is an early introduction to the band that went on to create the ‘Full Throttle’ album.

Burn the Sun – Live at the Espy

The Esplanade Hotel – July 2012

‘Burn the Sun’ and ‘Dancefloor’ are recordings from our very first gig. We were eager to keep a visual record of the performance.

Dancefloor – Live at the Espy

The Esplanade Hotel – July 2012

Another clip from the Espy sessions. Shit quality video… great vibe.

Full Throttle – Live at the Bendigo

The Bendigo Hotel – May 2013

An amateur video capturing the intensity of ‘Full Throttle’ live. Sound quality is fucking awful. If you can get past that… enjoy!

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