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“Strap yourself in and hold on tight – this reckless Rock’n Roll debauchery machine is about to riff your face off.”

Meet Massive: a deadly 8 legged Aussie rock-monster that isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Assembled from parts lying around Melbourne in 2012, Massive are a volatile macho-rock engine fuelled on adrenaline, lager and a determination to party hard. Known to travel thousands of miles across the baking desert between gigs, these riot-starting, fist swinging road dogs from Oz mean business.

With two action packed rock n roll records under their belts and a do or die attitude, Massive know how to get a crowd into an anarchic frenzy. It’s high energy, take no prisoners, attitude filled rock n roll with enough G force to knock you out.

This is going to be Massive


Brad Marr
(Vocals, Guitar)


Brendan Forward
(Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar)


Aidan McGarrigle
(Backing Vocals, Bass)


Jarrod Medwin
(Backing Vocals, Drums)

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